Columbia Elementary needs help!

A bulletin board with giving opportunities will be available the weekend of Sept. 23 outside Cafe Diem at Calvary.

Please drop off donated items at the Church Office or Donation Center outside Cafe Diem at Calvary.

Students of Columbia Elementary School have been displaced due to a serious mold issue within the building. Very few supplies and materials have been permitted to leave the school because of the mold. Teachers have had to leave books, supplies, materials, and personal items used to assist in teaching. Because of this problem, teachers are in need of supplies to help continue their work in their temporary location. Other schools in the district have rallied together to adopt classes and donate textbooks and other supplies that are needed; however, this only goes so far. 

One way Calvary Baptist Church could minister to this community is to provide some simple but necessary items that make teaching a little easier. These teachers have been real troopers, but the displacement has been very discouraging for teachers and students alike. Any help this school may receive is a blessing and an encouragement. 

It's easy to forget how much goes into teaching children and how much of their own resources teachers sacrifice to provide a fun and productive learning environment. These teachers and children have been relocated to a high school campus that is not quite "little kid friendly". It has been a big adjustment. Although the teachers and students are taking it in stride, some love from their community would really bolster their strength and encourage them to press on.

The list of supplies needed below is from the school directly:

Gel Pens

Colored Sharpies







Granola Bars

Clorox Wipes

Bulletin board letters

Classroom decor

Extra clothing (for those who have accidents)

Ziplock bags

Small prizes and rewards

Simple board games and prizes

Egg timer/digital clock

Books for elementary age children


Command hooks

Museum Putty


Colored duck tape

Storage bins/tubs

Assorted colors whiteboard markers

Socks and Underwear

For additional questions, please contact the Calvary Church Office at 575-522-7900.