Our commitment to follow Jesus is more than a one-time choice. It is a life-long journey composed of many steps, many choices. From the very beginning of this journey of faith in Jesus, we are made new - a new identity, a new belonging, a new personhood, transformed by God to be God's children who share in the life of God. Yet at the same time, we are also becoming, growing, and transforming into that new creation. It is an awe-inspiring paradox: in Christ we are becoming who we are. This life-long journey of spiritual transformation is what the Church throughout history has referred to as spiritual formation.

At Calvary we are learning how to attend to this transformational journey in intentional ways. We focus on Prayer, Small Groups, Equipping Classes, and Volunteering to serve others with our gifts, time, and energies. Click on the links below to find out more.

How Does Calvary Support Spiritual Formation?