Week 1 Day 4

For Morning

  1. Rest for a minute or two being aware that right here, right now God is present. 

  2. Meditate on the character of God described in today’s reading: Deuteronomy 31:8

    The LORD is the one who will go before you.  He will be with you;  he will not leave you or abandon you.  Do not be afraid or discouraged. 

  3. As you read the passage, what or who came to mind? Perhaps a thought crossed your mind about something that happened recently or a person you encountered. Take some time to pray about that situation or that specific person in light of the passage you just read. 

  4. Return to stillness and silence for 1-2 minutes. 

Week 1 Day 4

For Evening

  1. Pray in stillness and silence for 1-2 minutes. 

  2. Prayerfully go back over your day. Reflect without judgment on any personal experiences or emotional responses that stand out in your memory, whether positive or negative, healthy or unhealthy. 

  3. Take a moment to converse with God about what you’ve been thinking. If something praiseworthy came to mind, then give God praise. If there was something disappointing or discouraging, then turn to God for help. 

  4. Optional: ponder again the scripture from today’s first reading. 

  5. God has promised never to leave or forsake you. Take a minute or two to savor that promise. 

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