Wednesdays At Calvary

will resume on august 21, 2019

  • Wednesday night Meals

    5-6pm, Worship Center  

    Adult: $5.50    Child: $2.75

    Aug.  21    Chick-Fil A          Chicken strips, nuggets, cole slaw, potato salad,                                                       chips and brownie

    Aug.  28     Dions                  Turkey or Ham sandwich, gourmet salad and chips

    Sept.  4      Chachis               Enchiladas, rolled tacos, rice and beans

    Sept. 11     Grandy's             Chicken fried steak or fried chicken, mashed                                                              potatoes and vegetable

    Sept. 18      Domino's Pizza

    Sept.  25     Panda Express   Orange chicken, beef broccoli, rice and noodles


    5:30-7:30pm, Worship Center

    3 years - 6th grade

    Cera Talamantes:

  • 6-7:30pm, Chapel

    6th-12th grade

    Nate Alaniz:


    6-7pm in Room 32

    Come together & pray for God's will to be done in Calvary, Las Cruces, & the World.

    Mike Rundle:

    Click here to submit a prayer request.

  • 6-7pm

    Visit the classes page for a complete list of classes on Wednesdays and Sunday Mornings.