April Calvary News: What’s the future look like at Calvary?

These are unusual times! The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the emergence of social distancing, a shortage of toilet paper, and online worship services. This article briefly describes how we’ll navigate the days ahead. 

Worship Services

Regarding worship services, we are committed to resuming our on-campus worship schedule as

soon as we can. However, our decision at this point is to continue with online worship services

until the social distancing measures are relaxed. We know we’d much rather meet in person,

but we also want to wisely do our part to flatten the curve of this virus.

To access our Live Stream, visit cbclascruces.org/messages/live-stream a little before 9:45 am MST. We are utilizing a new platform (Church Online Platform) that allows real-time interaction, an online Bible, and ways to respond.


Please continue to support Calvary with your financial generosity. We are still doing ministry, so

your continued support is vital. You can give online at cbclascruces.org/give, or mail your gifts


Calvary Baptist Church
1800 S. Locust St.
Las Cruces, NM 88001


Weekday events and meetings will remain canceled until social distancing measures are lifted.

Church Office

The church office will remain closed to the public, however, we have arranged for phone calls

and emails to be answered. You can reach the office via phone at 575-522-7900 and via email at


Food Pantry

Our weekly food distribution will continue on Wednesdays. We’re doing a drive-up service and

handling all items and paperwork with necessary precautions.

Doing your part

Please abide by the recommended social distancing, hygiene, and other safety measures. For

yours and everyone’s sake, stay home if you are sick.

If you can, check on your neighbors, especially those in your neighborhood who are elderly or

have limited access to transportation and resources. Ask parents of children home from school

if you can assist with getting their meals to them, as the schools are providing breakfast and

lunch to students.

Finally, pray for those affected. Pray for medical personnel, national, state, and local leaders,

pray for those who are genuinely afraid and alone, Pray for researchers and scientists, pray for

teachers, parents, and kiddos. Pray for your neighbors. Pray that compassion, love, and peace

will become viral.

Email me at kevin@cbclascruces.org or kevin@kevinglenn.net

Know that I’m praying for you and love you. We’ll get through this.