REmote GRoups

Groups that meet online, together on one screen. 

Contact the group leader for the Zoom invitation link and password.

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  • Grief Support Group - Saturdays, 10am

    For those going through grief.

    Contact Harry VanMater:

    Meets on Zoom

  • Dickerson Group - Sundays, 11am

    Led by James and Jamie Dickerson - for all ages and places in life

    Contact:, 575-312-1670

    Meets on Zoom

  • CAMPBELL GROUP - Sundays, 11am

    Led by Carter Campbell. For all ages and places in life

    Contact Carter Campbell:, 575-644-1981

    Meets on Zoom

  • Coalson Group - SUNDAYS, 4PM

    Led by Dane & Rebecca Coalson. A group for families.

    Contact Dane:

    or Rebecca:

    Meets on Zoom

  • Wednesday Prayer Group - WednesdayS, 6-6:30pm

    Led by Mike Rundle. Everyone is invited and welcome to pray for Calvary, Las Cruces, and the world.

    Contact: Mike Rundle:


    Meets on Zoom

  • Pastor Bill's Midweek office - Wednesdays, 


    Led by Pastor Bill. For anyone interested in talking about prayer, spiritual formation, or Bill’s video reflection of the week.

    Contact Pastor Bill Eastwood:

    Meets on Zoom

  • men's prayer breakfast- Fridays, 7am

    Led by Frank Moreno.

    Men of all ages are invited to this group for friendship and prayer together.

    Contact Frank Moreno:


    Meets on Zoom

  • Moreno group - Sundays, 1pm

    Led by Frank Moreno.

    For families and singles living in the prime of their lives. 

    Contact Frank Moreno:


    Meets on Zoom

  • Carper Group - mondays, 7pm

    "Shalom in the Home" - Begins May 4

    Led by Matt & Emeigh Carper - For young professionals.

    Contact Matt:

    or Emeigh:

    Meets on Zoom

  • Christmore Group - Fridays, 10am

    Led by Nancy Christmore.

    For women of all ages. We are studying Psalms and Proverbs.

    Contact Nancy:

    Meets on Zoom