We live in an age where the internet connects us all. It is a huge blessing as we are able to reach from those at the farthest corners of the world, those who are homebound, and even those who aren't able to be with us in person each Sunday. 

As with all things, there are risks as well as benefits to this tool. We at Calvary want to ensure that our members, congregation, and guests are all safe when interacting with our, or any online presence.

Here are some tips and best practices for email, internet, and online finance usage:

  • Be on  the lookout for suspicious emails. Calvary leadership sends correspondence through emails with the handle. When you receive an email claiming to be from Calvary, please check the sender's address to verify it's from us. Some of the most common official emails are: (CBC Office), (CBC Elders Team), (CBC Worship Arts Ministry), or emails indicated by a pastor or staff member's first name followed by (ex:
  • Do not respond to phony emails. If you are unsure if an email is legit or not, please fwd the message in question to or, and we'll verify if the email is safe.
  • Never share passwords or financial information, or personal information such as Social Security Numbers over email. Calvary Leadership will not ask you for these through email.
  • All giving and donations that Calvary accepts are are handled through the secure portal at Please, NEVER SHARE PAYMENT INFO THROUGH EMAILS. Sometimes Calvary will support donations hosted by other organizations, and we will share those links to those secure portals through the appropriate event links on the events page at

Our goal is to provide our ministry online for those who need it while still keeping everyone safe.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email Seth at