A people and place of g.r.a.c.e

Calvary Baptist Church exists to share the grace of Jesus Christ

in Las Cruces and beyond. Our vision is to be a people and a place of G.R.A.C.E.

Being a people and place of GRACE means taking seriously the church as a gathered and scattered community, our unity as Christ's Body and our diversity in its parts, a commitment to ministries both deep and wide, and embracing the call to be a church for the unconvinced as well as the unshakable. So, what's this GRACE-based vision all about? 

  • Get acquainted

    Whether it's your first time here, the first time in a long time, or if everyone here knows your name, we want this to be a place of grace where you can bring your real life; a place to feel welcome and at home.

  • Respond to christ

    It might be the first step or the next step in your journey, but here you'll always have an opportunity to respond to Jesus' offer of grace.  

  • acquire wisdom

    It's one thing to know, it's another thing to live it out. Wisdom is all about living life according to God’s perspective. Our desire is that you would gain wisdom by learning to apply the truth of God's grace to the big and small decisions of real life. 

  • connect with culture

    Career, family, music, film, literature, social networking, texting, internet, friends, school, sports, commitments...whoah! How does your faith interact with the cultural messages coming at you 24/7? We strive to give you the tools to confidently understand, engage, and influence the world through the grace of Jesus.

  • engage in ministry

    You didn't come into this world by accident! God uniquely shaped you for a purpose, and has gifted you to carry it out! Come discover your talents and abilities, and engage in what God is doing in today's local and global (we call it "glocal") community.

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