Calvary Deacon & Elder Nominations

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The leadership at Calvary is made up of members, just like you! The Deacons and Elder teams are comprised of individuals who have committed their time and efforts to spiritual leadership, guidance, counsel, and service to the congregation and lead staff of Calvary.

Do you know someone who meets scriptural qualifications, exhibits leadership skills, loves their church, and has a heart for our city? If so, please prayerfully consider nominating them for a Deacon or Elder position at Calvary. This is only the first step in the leadership development process, however finding the right people is one of the most important steps!

Before nominating anyone, we ask that you please discuss the opportunity with your potential nominee first. Let them know why you think they'd be an important leader at Calvary.

  • Calvary Deacons

    Calvary Deacons are the vanguard of service to Calvary's congregation. These loving and compassionate individuals work together and alongside Calvary's Pastors to visit the unwell in hospitals or at home, check on our elderly members and assist with at-home needs, and are responsible for financial benevolence related matters.

    Additional regular responsibilities include:

    • Weekly meetings (typically an hour long).
    • Weekly physical tithe/ offering collection, reporting, and processing.
    • "On Call" rotation for visitations.
    • Preparing the Lord's Supper during special services throughout the year.
    • Assistance with baptisms throughout the year.

    If you have any questions about how Calvary's Deacon Team works or approaches their duties, please contact:

  • Calvary Elder Team

    The Calvary Elder team is a group of men elected by the congregation to lead the church in spiritual matters. The elders work together to prayerfully discern the appropriate vision and direction for Calvary's ministry in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and beyond. The Elders are also responsible for the hiring and evaluation of Calvary lead staff members.

    Additional regular responsibilities include:

    • Weekly, or bi-weekly meetings (typically 1-3 hours long).
    • Planning/ coordinating Family Forums and corresponding votes for annual budget, leadership & staff elections, and church direction meetings.
    • Oversight and guidance on large building & property planning/ renovations.
    • Guidance for ministries and ministry leaders of Calvary.


Please speak to your nominee about why you think he'd be a good fit in the appropriate position. Remember, this is only step one of the leadership pipeline.

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