In 2017 Calvary joined Casa de Peregrinos' & La Casa Thanksgiving Turkey Distribution in Las Cruces, NM to deliver over 1500 Thanksgiving Dinners to those in need.

In 2018, we upped the count to 1885 Thanksgiving meals distributed from Calvary's 1800 S. Locust campus. By the end of the week over 2000 meals had been distributed.

After the success in 2018, Calvary pledged to prepare 2000-2500 meals to be shared with the needy.

The time has come again, and we'll need your help to make it happen!

Sign up for the 2019 Distribution Here!

2019 Schedule

Here's when things are happening:

Orientation - Wednesday, Nov. 20, 7-7:30pm
Prep. Day ONE - Thursday, Nov. 21, 6:00-8:00pm  

Prep Day TWO - Thursday, Nov. 21, 6:00-8:00pm

DISTRIBUTION DAY - Monday, Nov. 25, 8am-5pm

Please choose one or more of the times that work for you.
If you can't be there for an entire time slot, that's ok (especially on the Distribution day, we may assign shifts).
Please indicate when you can be available on the sign up form.

Volunteer Job Descriptions for Turkey Food Basket Give-Away

Packaging Non-Perishable Food Items: Sort non-perishable food items into donated bags and place into large bins in the main worship hall on the two Prep Days. Please count how many bags we have made. Prep Days are Thursday, November 21 and Friday, November 22 at 6pm at Calvary Baptist Church.

Registration during Distribution: There will be a break down by last name. On-site Distribution Volunteers will check the last-4-digits of the ID and proof of address for verification purposes.

Snack Area: After passing through registration, clients can have coffee and a doughnut while waiting for their baskets. This is a fast-paced area. Please ensure the snacks and coffee are always filled.

Main Worship Hall Distribution: Check tickets and distribute non-perishable food bags to clients who have gone through the registration check-in.

Final Pick-Up: Turkey and potatoes will be the last items packed in the basket. Place all items in a cart and runners will assist with delivery to the client’s vehicle.

Cart Runner: Assist with delivery of a full food basket to the client’s vehicle.

Clean-Up: Assist with clean-up during Distribution Day and final clean-up and load-out at the end of the day. (Breaking down cardboard, throwing out trash & other clean-up may be required on-site.)

Parking: Monitor parking in north lot and south lot in the morning. Parking lot opens at 7:30am. Please arrive 30 minutes early.

Volunteer Area Food Set-Up, Clean-Up and Tear-Down: Set-up food for volunteer lunch on Distribution Day on 11/25/19, clean-up and tear-down. Lunch is from 12-1pm. Arrive 30 minutes early.