APP/ Device Performance TIPS

If you are experiencing issues with the CBC APP, or even other apps on your device, try the following options to see if things start working better.

If you're still experiencing issues, or if you find 'bugs' or bad information on the CBC App, please contact

  • Completely Close Apps

    The more apps open on your device, the slower your device performs. Closing them out helps your device run more quickly.

    On iOS/ iPhone - Double press the home button and swipe the open app windows off-screen to completely close them.

    On Android Device - Although there are many different Android devices, there's usually a button (square shaped or two rectangles) to the right of the home button that brings up open apps. Swipe them away or tap "close all" to close them.

  • Restart the DEVICE

    This is a cure-all for almost all electronic devices, as it forces all running operations to close as it reboots. 

    On iOS/ iPhone - Hold down the lock button until the power off slider appears. Slide the slider to the power down

    On Android - Hold down the lock/power button until the power menu appears. Select

  • Clear the CACHE

    As you use apps on your device, these apps accumulate temporary data that can quickly fill up your device's RAM, which can bog down performance or cause wonky issues within the apps themselves. 

    Instructions for iPhone / iOS devices.

    Instructions for Android Devices.

  • ChecK NEtwork Connection

    Mobile devices rely on either a cellular data connection (3G, 4G) or Wifi connection to connect to the internet. The Calvary app requires network connection for many of its features. If you aren't connected to a network, you won't be able to load videos or other information on the app. Also, loading may be slow if you don't have a good connection to the internet.

    Connect with iOS/ iPhone

    Connect with Android Device