Letter From the Director

Dear Parents & Families:

  Welcome to the Kids N Christ preschool program, equipped to help nurture the relationship your child will have with Christ and you. We are excited to teach your preschooler about the world God created. Your preschooler will be enjoying many opportunities that will bring them much excitement!

     Our main goal while working with your preschooler will be to love your child as Christ loves us. We will overlook the imperfection in behavior, attitude, and worldly expectations, and love your child as we love ourselves through Christ. We will overlook all other concerns and personal attitudes so that we may focus on our classes and do our job as expected by the parents through this preschool program.

Again, Welcome!

Tammy Chastine, Director KNC


1. Each child is important to God and also to us.

2. The learning process of life is set in motion in very early childhood, planted as a seed. It is important to help each child receive the best start with their personal growth and development.

3. Families are very important to the child and, therefore, we encourage and appreciate parent input, observations and participation.


1.To provide a world of learning adventures in a warm and nurturing environment enabling the child to feel safe and free to experiment and discover. We strive to foster intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development with stimulating, age appropriate activities.

2. To offer the highest quality preschool care and education possible while families enjoy their day out.


What are we going to teach? Why this way?

We are not a custodial service. Kids-N-Christ is a preschool teaching program.

We use the WEE Curriculum [Weekday, Early Education]

which is a Christian based teaching plan.

Since preschool children are concrete, literal

thinkers, they must manipulate objects to learn. Therefore, we use activity teaching to provide the most effective learning environment for your children. We want our program to give each child exciting, choice-filled opportunities to learn and explore.

Activity teaching promotes: the development of the following characteristics in children:





Ability to work with others

The joy of learning

The ability to sort and organize information.



At Kids-N-Christ your preschooler is taught according to his/her level of understanding using WEE Curriculum. This curriculum provides a teaching topic for each week and allows us to organize play and learning centers where children can make choices for individual and small group activities.

Biblical ideas are introduced as a seed that will sprout more of an involved understanding at a later age. Eight general subjects are suggested for teaching the Bible to preschoolers, they are as follows:

God Positive feelings are taught about people and things associated with God. We want to help them associate the created world with God.

Jesus We want preschoolers to learn the importance of Jesus as He was born and as He grew. Jesus belonged to a family and is a very important person.

Natural World We teach preschoolers that God created the world for them and we thank God for the beauty created.

Bible We teach preschoolers that the Bible is a very important book that tells about God, Jesus and the created world.

Self We teach the Biblical principals that we are special, this helps to enhance the appreciation of the preschooler as a person of worth.

Others We help the preschoolers to be aware of others and respect that others are important too.

Family We teach the importance of family by teaching them why their family is important to them.

Church We teach positive feelings about church and how preschoolers are important to the church.

The preschool teachers understand that not all preschoolers are at the same developmental stage.

The content of the Biblical areas mentioned above is always adapted to meet the needs of your preschooler. Your preschooler is never made to do any activity that he/she does not want to do, they are never rejected in any way.

       From a very early age your preschooler is learning

the importance of God and His creation. As you can

see your child’s teacher has a big responsibility in

modeling God and His relationship to him/her. Each

activity or paper your Child brings home has a very

important lesson attached. That scribble or painted

picture reinforces the abilities that God has designed

for your child, not perfect but free from ridicule. Many

times teachers have heard a parent respond to a

scribbled page with negative remarks only to make

their child not feel accepted. Please remember that it is

important to respond positively to your child because

you are responding to God and His divine purpose for

your child. Take time to read the literature your child

brings home and ask your preschooler what they

   learned at preschool that day, you might be surprised at

what you hear.*

The truth about God and positive reinforcement are always taught in your preschooler’s class.

Please remember that in return your child will have a good attitude about God and church, but also remember that a preschooler is an imitator and no matter what he/she does you must be willing to demonstrate positive spiritual guidance to your child in your home.

· Adapted from, “Teaching your Preschooler about God,”

Printed by the Baptist Sunday School Board.


All parents are required to know these preschool policies.

PROVISIONS: The children to be cared for in the KNC preschool program are those natural, adopted or foster children, (from 1 yr. until the time they are enrolled in kindergarten, which is at the age of five or six.)

Preschoolers with disabilities or Special Needs: means a child with an identified disability, health, or mental health conditions requiring early intervention, special education services or other specialized services and support: or children without identified conditions, but requiring specialized services, supports or monitoring.

**At this time we are not able to provide preschool services for preschoolers with these specific needs.

SCHOOL DAYS: The KNC preschool program will operate along with the LCPS calendar. Holidays will be taken accordingly. The program will be open promptly at 9:00 am, and children are to be picked up promptly by 1:30 pm.

The preschool facilities are available only when under the

supervision of duly authorized personnel.

Late Charge: There will be a charge of $25.00 for every 15 minutes that you are late.

Snow Day or Weather Related Closure: In the event of a snow day, (OR any other weather related public school closure) on a scheduled KNC day, this is what we will do: *If the public school’s close, we will close. *If the public schools have a delayed start to their day, we will be closed. *If the public schools cannot decide what to do by 8:00 am, we will be closed. *If we feel it is unsafe to travel or have our families out, and the public schools have NOT cancelled classes, all KNC families will be contacted by phone call, text, email and social media from both, their child's teachers and the front KNC office, informing them of our decision.

PROGRAM: KNC staff are equipped with CPR and First Aid certificates. In addition, we have Fire Drills, 911 & Emergency Evacuation Drills, monthly at different times during the day.

You can reinforce the importance of this procedure by talking about why we do this with your child. In the event of an Evacuation Drill, our policy is: the caregivers will be immediately notified, by text, phone calls, social media or emails as to how to come collect their preschooler. In the event of a disaster that requires we move the preschoolers, they will be walked to Peace Lutheran Church on the corner of Missouri & Locust.

*DISCIPLINE: Every family needs rules, correction, and discipline, just as every preschool program needs the same. Here at KNC we believe that the parent is the ultimate example of the Lord thus everything you do will influence your preschooler. We feel very strongly that you are the ultimate disciplinarian, Ephesians 6:1-3, and it is our role as caregivers to be an extension of this. Deuteronomy 6:2

*DISCIPLINE EXPECTATIONS : Your preschooler will be expected to: Honor and treat the teachers with respect, obey the rules of the classroom, and correct themselves if and when they are disciplined. We believe that the heart of the child is the center location for all behavior both good and bad, Proverbs 4:23. Therefore, we will be correcting your preschooler with a “time out” appropriate for their age, along with techniques that ask heart questions. Instead of “Why did you?”, we will ask, “What were you feeling?” “What did your friend do to make you upset?” “What was the problem with…?” We do not want them just to change their behavior we want them to have a change in their heart.

We will not be asking them to do anything unreasonable just expressing themselves to think about their behavior both good and bad and acknowledge that they are under the authority of God. As a parent you have authority because God calls you to be an authority in your child’s life. You have the authority to act on behalf of God thus your child is under the authority of God and responsible to obey God in all things, Deuteronomy 6:2.

*PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT : God has blessed you with a child(ren) and you have entrusted them to us as caregivers/teachers. It is a circle that with the proper attention will help your preschooler understand God’s love & how to make the right choices.

If your preschooler chooses not to obey consistently your child’s teacher will be talking to you about possible solutions.

*(This is taken from the book, “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp.)

EXPULSION POLICY: If your preschooler does not respond with new solutions then you will be called in to talk with the director and teacher about the best plan of action for your child. (In some cases you may be asked to take your child out of the program for a brief time.)

If your child returns and does not have better behavior then you will probably be asked to remove your child from the program. There are some cases when the child is not ready for the program and needs more parental involvement in discipline at home.


Being away from home and in a strange place with new friends can be a difficult experience for preschoolers. We want each child to have a happy time at preschool. Much of this depends upon your preparation of your child for this experience. Begin now to talk positively about the experiences he/she will have, the new friends he/she will make, and all the fun things he/she will do. Talk about the special things the teacher has planned just for him/her.

DROP OFF AT 9 AM: Children will be accepted into the room at 8:55 am. Before 9:00 am your child’s teachers are organizing the rooms and beginning each day with prayer. If you arrive early you may take your child to one of our playgrounds to play until class begins.

Please do not enter the classrooms until 8:55.

Families, please note: Your child’s teachers have planned and prepared for each school day…. BEGINNING at 9:00. If you drop your child off late each day he/she is missing out on valuable teaching time. In addition, a late arriver is also a disruption for the other children already in class. Please know, we completely understand the occasional tardiness due to appointments or traffic issues. We just really encourage you to make a habit of getting your preschooler to class on time.

SIGNING IN and OUT YOUR CHILD: Sign your child in and out (EVERY DAY) including name, where you can be reached, and telephone number. If another family member or person is picking up your preschooler on any given day, you will need to list that persons name and phone number in the “special instructions” portion of the sign-in sheet, that he/or she is the one contacted should an early pick-up be needed.

OOPS! I FORGOT SOMETHING!: If you forgot something & must return to your child’s room, please stay out of sight. Try not to let your child see you. This may trigger his/her inner time clock to thinking it is time to go. You can always leave any items at the KNC Welcome desk, and they will be delivered to your child's classroom.

ILLNESS: For the protection of your child and other children, families are asked NOT to leave a child who appears ill.

The following guidelines were taken from the report of the Committee on Control of Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

**A child should not leave the home when ANY of the following exist:

· Fever: The child MUST be 24 hrs. “Fever Free” before returning to the classroom

· Any skin infection including Boils, Ringworm, Hand Foot & Mouth, Impetigo or any unexplained skin rash

· Any symptoms of the usual childhood diseases (Scarlet Fever, German Measles, Mumps, & Chicken Pox)

· Common cold (from onset through one week)

· Sore throat or Cough

· Croup

· Vomiting and/or Diarrhea: your preschooler MUST be 24 hrs. since last “episode”

· Pink Eye and other eye infections

· LICE: ANY child MUST BE completely FREE from lice before returning to preschool.

**In some cases a doctors note, of a clean bill of health, may be needed to return to KNC.


FOOD ALLERGIES: If your child has any allergies to food, whether airborne or ingested, you MUST let the teachers know immediately! We try to furnish each child with the individual attention needed to meet his/her needs, and we ask that parents limit their requests for special attention and care to those that are truly necessary.

LUNCH: Bring a simple lunch. Finger food is especially good for toddlers. Pack a beverage in a non-breakable container. Please send only plastic bottles (no glass) for your child. Mid-morning snacks with water will be provided. If your preschooler has any food allergies or has a special diet, we ask that you bring non-perishable snacks for your child only, that we can use during snack time. Please limit the sweets. Due to time constraints in the classroom at lunch-times, Please do not send/lunch items that need to be microwaved.


*Bring a complete change of clothing if your child is not yet completely potty-trained and for bad weather or activity dirtying possibilities.

*Bring sufficient disposable diapers, etc. to keep your toddler comfortable all day.

*It is suggested that children be dressed in comfortable, loose fitting, machine washable clothing that will not restrict free movement. They will be involved in art activities in most sessions. Although smocks are used, occasional soiling may occur.

*In addition, all Preschoolers must wear closed toed shoes. This is a safety requirement from the sate of New Mexico for playing on all the playgrounds!


LABELING: Parents are required to label all (diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, etc.) belongings for the child. There is a “Labeling Station” outside of the KNC Welcome area where you can label any belongings that may have been forgotten.

Your child’s teacher will give you a handout telling you exactly what additional items (specific to their classroom) that you will need to send for your child.

OTHER INFO: **PLEASE NOTE** In order to have your child in the 3 year old classroom, he/she MUST be potty-trained at the start of the school year.

FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL: Please remember that in preparation for your preschooler’s first day of school your child will need:

(1) Updated Shot Record

(2) A Lunch Box

(3) ALL Enrollment Application documents filled out in completion!

A. ALL emergency contact persons MUST be local. No out of town names and addresses.

B. You must list your child’s Dr. & that phone number.

(Please do NOT leave any blank spaces on these forms)

Leaving your Preschooler: Families, when leaving your preschooler, tell your child in a kind, but firm voice, that you are going but will return. Leave immediately. Usually within 10 minutes a crying child adjusts and joins in the activities. If he/she continues to cry, you will be notified.

INFORMATION BOXES: Your child will have a labeled cubby in their classroom. Please check it every time you pick-up your child. (Notices, Scholastic order forms & Information for you will be left in this box.)

PAYMENT: Each month you can leave your payment at the KNC Welcome Desk, into the payment box on the countertop. We accept: cash and checks OR you can pay on-line by credit card @ cbclascruces.org/ministries/knc .

All Payments are due on the first week of the new month for that entire month! There will be a $25.00 late fee charged for any payment made after the 10th of every month.

The monthly tuition is non-refundable should your child miss any days. We do not offer make-up days.

PRESCHOOL SECURITY: The KNC Preschool has ALWAYS had security measures in place for our preschoolers & their families.

In addition, there is a security code pad at the front preschool entrance, & each year that access code will be changed. Every parent will be notified, through email, of the new access code at the beginning of each new school year.

ALL teachers & staff have been trained in security procedures.

Also; for the safety of ALL our preschoolers, all children MUST remain with the parent or adult from the time you walk them in the doors, until the time you walk them out. Each child must be supervised at all times, including playing on the hallway ramp. Our KNC staff will be very insistent and intentional that no child exits the KNC area without being “attached” to a family member or adult. If you have more than one child to pick up, you will need to keep the first one with you at all times, even when picking up the sibling(s). Please know that we are all committed to the safety and security of your preschoolers.

MONTHLY KNC NEWS: Each month, a newsletter (along with a calendar for the upcoming month) will be on-line (@cbclascruces.org/ministries/knc) and a paper copy will be in your child's cubby. It shows you what days KNC are in session and the special things your child will experience for that month.

BOOK ORDERS : Scholastic book orders are received on a monthly basis. Order forms are placed in your child’s cubby. If you wish to order, please make the checks payable (Sorry, we cannot accept cash for these orders) to SCHOLASTIC and place in the payment box at the KNC Welcome Desk.


Please talk to the KNC Director, who will look into the situation & report back to you as soon as possible.

SEASONAL PARTIES: Your child's teacher will let you know about any seasonal parties and what you can do to help out! Please note: party snacks and treats may not be prepared by our KNC staff. These snacks are brought or prepared by KNC individual families in their homes and brought into the classrooms.


Application Fee: $25.00

There will be a 1 time (NON-REFUNDABLE) application fee of $25 (per child) for

all new students once an application is completed and returned to KNC.

Registration Fee: $150.00 (per child, per year)

Monthly Tuition:

$248.00 for 3 Days a week (per child)

$190.00 for 2 Days a week (per child)

$111.00 for 1 Day a week (per child)

A discount is available on the monthly tuition when you pay the entire semester in full.

Fall tuition must be paid by September the 15th and Spring tuition must be paid by January 31st or the discount WILL NOT APPLY.

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st week of EVERY new month.

A $25.00 late fee (PER CHILD) will be charged for every payment that comes in AFTER the 10th of each month.

All of these fees are non-refundable should your child miss days during the month. We do not offer make up days for days missed. Due to limited space, if your child misses 3 consecutive KNC scheduled days without notifying the director, or your child's teacher your child’s name will be removed from their class and their space will be given to another child.

Direct line is only available on KNC days. Call, email or text!

KNC Direct #: (575)520-6810 Email:cheryl@cbclascruces.org