What is a micro campus?

Easy! It is as simple as having another family or some friend over to your place for the Sunday Live Stream. This can be on Sunday morning, afternoon, or whenever works best for your group.

Why are micro campuses important?

As the Quarantine eases off, we still want to be considerate of our fellow members by limiting capacity and maintaining social distancing at the 1800 S. Locust building. Also, should another quarantine occur in the future (Lord willing it won't), micro campuses help us retain our communities and fellowship as Calvary members.

Who should start a micro campus?

You! If you know a few people willing to come hang out, you've got a great start. If you don't have internet, or aren't comfortable getting the live stream set up, invite someone who does! This is a great way to connect with other members and get to know them better.

How do I start a micro campus?

It's as simple as texting or calling up one of your friends, fellow families, or even the person you used to sit next to in church and inviting them over for church. You could even start by inviting your small group members. If possible take turns "hosting" at each other's houses.

Micro campuses are also a great outreach opportunity! While many find the church building an intimidating place to start, a morning in a friend or acquaintance's home is much more accessible to those unfamiliar with or new to the church.

Staying Safe

With micro campuses as with any public gathering, please continue to be compliant with public health restrictions, caring for those around you. If you are or have been sick or in contact with anyone who has been sick, please do not host or attend a micro campus. If at this time you are wary of meeting in a micro campus because coming together does raise the risk of exposure to disease, then please continue joining our livestream service on your own. Instead, consider joining a remote group as a way to connect with others.

Help Each Other Out!

Coffee & tea are optional, but always help! Once your micro campus takes off, take turns making (or bringing) the beverages, hosting at your house or apartment, and whatever else you can think of to create a hospitable group. Community is at the core of Calvary, and it starts with each of us as individuals reaching out to someone else!

When you start meeting, please let us know so we can encourage and help you. Send a note to the church office cbcoffice@cbclascruces.org

We're here to support you in this!