Nine Twenty Two is a ministry for students 6th-12th grade.

It's designed to give 6th-12th grade students a place to connect with God, with other people, and have fun.



No, we're not the Illuminati.

The Nine Twenty Two Triangle is a stylized geometric adaptation of the Calvary dual-mountain Logo. The two mountains in each logo are modeled after Las Cruces' own iconic Picacho Peak and 'A' Mountain. The hill also symbolizes Calvary (latin Calvaria) itself: the very place Christ gave his life for our sins.

The relation between Nine Twenty Two and Calvary's logos symbolizes that the student ministry and 'big church' are not separate entities, but rather two ministries united under our vision of G.R.A.C.E. The pieces of the triangle appear as a mosaic design, which symbolize the identity of our youth group. Not one of us is the same. We are all created different and unique on purpose. Yet, when we come together as a whole we can display God's creativity as a group. This symbolizes what the church should be: unique and different people, uniting for the single purpose of sharing the good news of Christ with the people around us.